Data Protection

Data is at the core of any customer contact activity.  We recognise that this is one of your most valuable assets and we are aware of our responsibilities as a GDPR compliant processor.  Prospecting Dynamics has invested a lot of time and resource into ensuring that we can raise our standards above what is legislatively required of us.  We can give you the following assurances:

  • As much as we possibly can until all the final legal changes are agreed we have taken all the relevant actions to ensure that our systems, processes, communications and team meet the requirements of GDPR and safeguard the security of your customer data.
  • Data is protected via encryption and user authentication.  We operate single tenancy database so that your data is safeguarded within its own secure area.
  • All our hardware is locked down so that no member of our team is able to download any data from our cloud based servers and your data does not physically sit on any of our machines.
  • Our multiple servers are enabled for SSL Technology, sit in various EU locations and are backed up daily.
  • We contract to you as Data processors, only processing your data for the purposes agreed and it is never disclosed, passed to or discussed with any third party.