What We Do

Prospecting Dynamics have developed processes to provide Outsourced Proactive Customer Contact solutions. We take your existing customer data and contact your customers efficiently with a professional and personal approach to achieve your business targets.

Our intuitive calling platform delivers intelligent, productive and friendly interaction with your customer database to ensure that your customers are comfortable with being contacted. All calls are recorded allowing us to have very strict quality control and to target our team on customer response to their call NOT just the success of selling an appointment ensuring all positive contact leads we send through to you are worthwhile.

We have a great and personal approach to appointing your customers back into your business. No matter where you are in the country geographically, your customers will be called from a local number. We call as YOU, not a third party and personalise the emails confirming appointment times leaving your customer confident that they are dealing with you directly and not a third party. We aim to work as a part of your business, not an external supplier.

We can provide a shared diary system so that at any point you can easily view appointments made for your site. We will email you specifics of each call – absolutely ANYTHING the customer tells us which we feel you need to know! Ultimately we work with you to deliver outstanding business results and a quality of service that far exceeds expectations.

We understand the importance of customer relationship. Allow us to look after your customer contact and see the difference we can make. Services we provide: manufacturer lead handling, finance renewal work, event weekends, database prospecting and cleansing, sales or service follow ups, customer satisfaction surveys, test drive and service bookings.